17 September 2017

Reading Habits Tag

Becca from @bookosaurus_bex tagged me over on my bookstagram to do these questions, and it was such a cool sounding tag I couldn't resist! (I also didn't realise at first, but I've accidentally combined two different tags, the "Reading Habits Tag" as well as the "This or That Tag".) Admittedly it's taken me a bit of a while to get round to answering them both, but I'm finally doing it now, so here goes!

When do you read?

I don't really have a set "reading time" at the moment, which is a slight problem as it means I don't get as much reading done as I want! But having said that, I usually end up reading just before bed (when I can remember!). After I've put on my pjs - or, more likely, I've already been in them for hours - and brushed my teeth and put away my laptop, I can snuggle down under the duvet and open my current read.

Do you read one book at a time?

Yes, nearly always. If I do pick up another book while I've already got one on the go, I still won't class it as reading two at once, because I know that will just confuse me, so instead I just tell myself that my original read is taking a break, and this new book is my current read. To other people that might sound like the very definition of reading more than one book at a time, but inside my head it all makes sense.

Where's your favourite place to read?

Definitely my bed. I've recently moved back to my university city for this upcoming academic year, so "my bed" is a whole new piece of furniture. But it has all my bed sheets and my pillow (and my teddy bear!) so it's still my favourite place to read.

Do you read the book or watch the movie first?

I'll read the book. If I do end up watching a film adaptation of a book without having read the book first, I'll immediately write it off as something I'll never get round to, because I already know the story, so what else is there left to uncover? That being said, this would be different for film adaptations that are really different from their source material.

What book format do you prefer?

I prefer paperbacks over anything else. I own a few hardback books, but these were nearly all birthday or Christmas gifts, so I like that they're a little more "special" than the other books on my shelves. But generally hardbacks are too expensive and bulky for my liking. While I like the idea of audiobooks, I've never been able to find one I really enjoyed (except for the amazing Stephen Fry-read Harry Potter audiobooks!). And as for eBooks, I don't have a Kindle or eReader (nor do I really want one), although I have read a few books on my phone, but didn't really enjoy the experience.

Reading on the couch or bed?

Definitely my bed! The sofa where I currently live are SUPER UNCOMFORTABLE so everyone just avoids sitting on them.

Male or female MC?

I'm not too fussed about this, as long as there's something about them I can empathise with, or find interesting. I tend to read more with female MCs, but then again a lot of my favourite books of all time have male protagnoists! (eg. the Harry Potter series, Skybreaker, The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August)

Sweet or salty snacks?

Both! I'm not even going to try to pick between them. 

Trilogies or quartets?

Oooh this is a hard one, but I guess I'll have to go with quartets, because if I really love a series, I'll want it to be as long as possible! (Plus there are the amazing examples of the Lunar Chronicles and the Mortal Engines Quartets)

Libraries or bookstores?

Bookshops, as I currently owe £40 of fees at my local library, and have done for several years, so I'm just never going back. I also ask for Waterstones vouchers for every birthday and Christmas, so I've got a steady flow of them to last me all year!

Laugh or cry?

Why not both? I love books that reach both ends of the emotional spectrum. 

Black or white books?

As in the colour of the cover?? This is a bit of a weird question that I can't answer because I honestly don't have any kind of preference! But if you look at my shelves themselves, I own a lot more books with black spines than white ones, but I think that's just because it's a more common design choice for publishers.

Character or plot-driven?

I'm going to say plot-driven, because although I don't think all character-driven stories are boring, I know that I personally find them generally less interesting than a plot-driven book. Of course the best thing is when there's a perfect balance between the two (see Nimona by Noelle Stevenson), but that's just pretty unlikely!

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