22 April 2017

Coffee Tasted Book Tag

I was tagged by @bookishlyfalling over on my Instagram to do the Coffee Tasted Book Tag, and I really loved the questions (plus the fact it was a brand new tag, and I usually find myself doing really old ones here on this blog!) so here are my answers for the nine caffeine-related questions:

Espresso – Current read

A Dark Adapted Eye by Barbara Vine. It’s a mystery with a twist – instead of being a straight forward whodunnit, it’s more like a whydunnit, because you start off knowing who the murderer is, but slowly discover why, and all the circumstances surrounding the death. I’m only about 100 pages in as of writing this, but it’s good so far, and I’m hoping it builds to a really satisfying conclusion!

Cappuccino – Romantic read?

I hardly ever read straight-up romance novels, and my answer, The Novel in the Viola by Natasha Solomons, I would consider more of a historical fiction book. It’s about a young Austrian woman who escapes Nazi Germany to go and work as a maid in an English manor house, and I enjoyed this quite a lot, despite not being a huge fan of how it ended.

Frappuccino – Ideal summer read?

The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen. It’s no secret that I love this book dearly, and I think it’s a perfect summer read. It’s a YA contemporary, and comes with all the lovely sugary goodness that phrase would suggest!

Strong coffee – Intense read?

Anything by Claire North. The two of her books I’ve read (The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August and Touch) are both about people with extraordinary abilities, but she doesn’t just scratch the surface of what that would entail, she dives deep, and the ensuing stories she writes are incredible.

Coffee – Children's book?

Scribbeboy by Phillip Ridley. Another author I never shut up about, I loved his books as a child and still do as an adult, but Scribbleboy was the first one that I ever truly adored, from the quirky characters to the amazing illustrations by Chris Riddell to the exciting and unpredictable writing style.

Latte – Warm and cosy book?

The Swish of the Curtain by Pamela Brown was another of my favourite childhood reads, and every time I reread it I get the same warm and fuzzy feeling that has yet to be beaten by any other hobby.

Macchiato – Book where you fell in love with the hero?

I don’t normally do this, so I’m going to answer on behalf of my sister, who adores Harry Potter. While I consider Hermione the best of the original trio, she favours Harry, and will smack down hard on anyone who implies he’s stupid or unworthy, and she has been known to rant passionately about her eternal love for him.

Mocha – Book before you sleep?

I recently read Let Them Eat Chaos by Kate Tempest, which is a poetry book about seven strangers who live on the same London street, and talks about their thoughts and experiences in a single moment in the middle of the night. Because I knew what it was about I wanted to save it and read it before bed, when I’d be all curled up in my duvet in London itself, and get what I considered an “appropriate” reading experience. It 100% worked, and I loved this book.

Just filtered coffee – Book for all times?

I’m gonna be unapologetically clich√© here and say the Harry Potter series.

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