1 March 2017

My Spring TBR

I am currently slap bang in the middle of a massive reading slump; I read one graphic novel in early December, an under 300 page non-fiction book in January, and then absolutely nothing in February. So I’m not really sure what’s going on with my reading habits. But to try and combat this, I’m making a very tentative TBR for the next few months, so here are the books I would like to (but may not) read or reread, and the reasons I’ve chosen them:

Let Them Eat Chaos by Kate Tempest
because it’s a book of poetry (which means it will be a quick read), my sister recommended it (which means it will be good), and because I’m pretty sure I’ve never willingly read poetry before (which means it will refreshing, if nothing else).

The Complete Book of the Flower Fairies by Cicely Mary Barker
because when I was recovering from being really ill last week I was flicking through it with my mum because I remembered I really loved the Daffodil fairy poem, and because I used to really love the flower fairies and reckon I still do.

Mighty Fizz Chilla by Philip Ridley
because after I first read it it slowly made its way onto my mental “favourite kids’ books of all time” list, and I would honestly love to reread it, and because I remember it built to an amazing explosion of storytelling and emotion at its conclusion which I’d love to re-experience.

Legends of the Gods by Noreen Shelley
because I own an entire shelf of mythology/folklore related books and I’ve fully read only a few of them, this book’s just a collection of some short retellings from all over the world, and because I genuinely miss reading about myths and legends. 

Speaking in Tongues by Ella Frances Sanders
because it’s ridiculously short and will take me approximately 10 minutes to read, and I really liked her first book last year, and because I’m always looking for more interesting language facts to annoy my friends with.

Empire of Storms by Sarah J Maas
because when I pictured what I’d be reading on my holiday to Spain this March, this is the book that occurred to me, and I think it would make a perfect holiday read, and because it’s about time I read the next one in this series (I read Queen of Shadows in January 2016).

The Sudden Appearance of Hope by Claire North
because I got it for my birthday last summer and should probably finish it before my birthday this summer, I absolutely loved her other two books, and because it’s displayed on my bookshelves facing outwards from my TBR section and every day I feel it looking at me and wondering why I haven’t read it yet.

Very British Problems and More Very British Problems by Rob Temple
because I follow the Facebook page these books are based on and really love the stuff they post, because my dad got one book for Christmas and I got the other, so they’re already in my house, and because it’s only a few sentences per page, so will be a quick and easy read.

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