21 March 2017

Rapid Fire Book Tag

I was tagged by Elizabeth at @assassinsreader over on Instagram to do this tag, which is supposed to be a a series of quick one word answers, but I figured that wouldn't make for a very long or interesting blog post, so I've put just a little more detail in! Here goes:

Ebook or book?
Book - I think eReaders are all well and good for you if you prefer them, I just don't! I find it quite hard to concentrate on reading a screen for any long period of time, so I find it a lot easier to read the physical copies of books.

Paperback or hardback?
Paperback - they might not always be as photogenic as hardbacks, but they're cheaper, lighter, and just a teeny bit smaller, meaning I can fit more of them on my bookshelves! (which can only be a good thing)

Heroes or villains?
Heroes - like everyone, I love a good old properly evil villain, but I think it's the actual hero who would swing it for me.

Trilogy or series?
Series - but only just (I love a good trilogy that manages to perfectly encapsulate an entire story in only three books). And also because if I love a series I'll want it to be as long as possible!

Last book read?
Legends of the Gods - a book of short retellings of myths and legends from all over the world.

Last book bought?
The Watchmaker of Filigree Street - I bought this back in January, and it's one of only three books I've gotten this year!

Second hand book - yay or nay?
Yay - for sure! Second hand books are usually in a fine condition, and way cheaper.

A book everyone should read?
The Harry Potter series - maybe it's cliché, but it's my favourite book series, and The Philosopher's Stone was the first proper novel I read as a child. I can honestly say it's helped shape me as a person, and I am 100% on board with everyone on the planet reading it.

A book that made you laugh and cry?
Sofia Khan Is Not Obliged - this 90% hysterically funny and 10% relentless punching of your emotions, and it's fantastic.

First three books that hit your mind?
A Court of Mist and Fury (my current read), The Sudden Appearance of Hope (it's on my shelf and staring at me as I type this), and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (because why not).

A film better than the book?
Prince Caspian & Stardust - I really love the Prince Caspian film, but the book itself is nowhere as good it, or even its preceding book, The Lion, the Witch, and the WardrobeStardust is also one of my all time favourite films, but when I tried reading the book it had such a different feel I just couldn't get into it!

Do you judge a book by its cover?
Yes - but I wouldn't let it make my decision for me as to whether I'd buy it or not. I've bought books before that I considered ugly, but whose blurbs sounded really good, and so far I haven't often been disappointed.

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