26 March 2017

Days of the Week in Books Tag

I've been doing a lot of tags over on my Instagram lately, and I've been loving it, so here's another one! This one's the #daysoftheweekinbooks tag, and I was tagged by both @glitteringlibrary and @the.imperfect.library.

Monday: A book you're too lazy to start – The Secret History by Donna Tartt

I know this book is amazing. My family have told me it’s amazing. My friends have told me it’s amazing. Randomers on bookstagram have told me it’s amazing. And yet I still haven’t read it. Why? Pure laziness, I promise.

Tuesday: A book you found hard to finish – A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

Honestly, this should probably be an answer for the next question, because I cannot completely honestly say I read all of it. We read this book, along with The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood, in Sixth Form while studying dystopian literature, and I just DETESTED it. I understand completely why it’s so famous and revolutionary, but I hated literally every second I had to even think about it. It was so bad I couldn’t even hate-read it. And in the end I just skipped over huge sections and read the bare minimum I needed to write a decent essay on it.

Wednesday: A book you haven't finished – Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandel

I started this last summer (I remember sitting on our trampoline with my brother and a cat and reading in the sun), and it was an excellent book. It was actually the fact that it was written so fantastically and realistically that was its undoing in my case; it was so realistic and so depressing that I ended up dreaded picking it up. But I’d love to finish it one day, and hopefully enjoy it a lot more!

Thursday: A book you don't recommend – The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton

This book was hugely disappointing for me. I love a good mystery, but only if the mystery is actually solved at the end! After seeing so many fantastic reviews, I finished it feeling rather unsatisfied and confused, and definitely like I had missed something. The writing was quite pretty (very poetic and stuffed full of metaphors, if I remember correctly), but it didn’t make up for the characters I disliked and found unbelievably annoying, and a central mystery that was never even answered.

Friday: A book you can't wait to be released – A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J Maas

I feel like a lot of people have probably answered the same, but for real I’m so hyped! I recently reread A Court of Mist and Fury to help get me out of my ridiculous reading slump, and now I’m even more desperate to get my hands on the final book to the trilogy!

Saturday: A book you wanted to read as soon as you finished – This Savage Song by VE Schwab

I’m pretty sure this is the only time in the last decade where I’ve immediately reread a book after finishing it, but annoyingly this instance wasn’t because I desperately loved the book and couldn’t fathom leaving it behind for another one (though I did love the book, and it got a full five stars from me), it was because I was so starved of entertainment at the time that it was pretty much my only option. This academic year I’m studying abroad in Germany, and though it’s gotten a lot better since, when I first moved over I was living in a house I hated with people I couldn’t stand while attending a university I didn’t want to be at in a town that I still consider to be pretty crap. And my house didn’t have internet. So this combination of terrible factors resulted in me rereading This Savage Song immediately after I finished it the first time.

Sunday: A book you didn't want to end – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by JK Rowling

Another slightly cliché answer, but it’s true I promise. Deathly Hallows was the only Harry Potter book I went to the midnight release of, and I remember crying all through the epilogue because I was so gutted it was all over at last.

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