2 January 2017

2017 Bookish Resolutions

     - Read at least 30 books

In 2015 I set my Goodreads goal as 30, which I was able to beat easily in August, and eventually reach a total of 46 books. Then in 2016 I set my goal at 40, and managed to just squeeze 41 in December. It was a lot more stressful, and I really didn't enjoy the challenge as I had in 2015, so this year I've decided to lower my goal again, and instead focus on reading books that I think I'll really enjoy, rather than books I think I should read.

     - Restart my book blog

Ok so this one I've already done! That's pretty sweet, I have to say. Now the only problem is maintaining this momentum ...

     - Post at least twice a month

I have an excel spreadsheet at hand where I've jotted down and attempted to organise all my ideas for posts, and I'll hopefully be referring back to this list throughout the year. By having it all already worked out, I'm hoping that means that even if (when) I'm feeling like I can't be bothered and I just want to give up, I'll have a half-written post waiting for me that I can quickly polish off and post.

     - Bring down my number of "own but haven't read" books to under 20

In a recent moment of shame I created a shelf entitled "own-but-haven't-read" on my Goodreads, to keep track of how many books I should really read before I buy any more. It didn't work. I had 40 already on this shelf, and then yesterday I went to Waterstones with my mum and bought 3 more. So a bit part of my reading this year will be focusing on books I already own.

     - Write at least a mini-review for each book I read

Last year I managed wrap ups for 8 months, where I wrote a total of 21 mini-reviews on books, and I only wrote one full-length proper review (for Queen of Shadows by Sarah J Maas), and so this year I'd like to finish a wrap up post for every single month (ambitious I know), with a few more in-depth reviews throughout the year (maybe for all the books I give five stars? We'll see).

     - Continue posting book photos on Instagram

I created my bookstagram account @ink.and.pages in July 2016, and I've had loads of fun posting bookish photos ever since. In 2017 I want to continue with this, but I'm not setting any fixed goals like "get 1000 followers" or "reach 300 posts" because that's not really the point! Instead, I'd just like to keep taking photos I'm proud of, and taking inspiration from the other bookstagram accounts I follow.

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