1 January 2017

2016 Book Awards | Part II: Characters

Here is Part II of my annual Book Awards! This load of awards all deal with the characters I read about this year, from Best Supporting Female Character to Best Villain. There could be mild spoilers ahead!


Albus and Scorpius - Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
Dorian and Chaol - Queen of Shadows
Jem and Will - Infernal Devices series
Julia and Portia - Silent in the Grave
Lightsong and Llarimar - Warbreaker 

Kell and Rhy - A Gathering of Shadows


These two have such a great relationship, even if quite a bit of strain is put on it during this book. They're basically brothers, and I loved how strongly they felt about each other (even if they didn't always do their best to show it). Both of them are fantastic characters alone too, and I loved any scene where they were together. 


Beauty - Rose Daughter 
Dagmira - A Natural History of Dragons
Jamie Watson - A Study in Charlotte   
Mr Kent - These Vicious Masks 
Milly -  The Dress Shop of Dreams
Phoebe - Mistress of Greyladies 

Winifred Benson -Heir to Greyladie

Harriet Latimer - Heir to Greyladies

To be honest, anyone from the Greyladies series of books could have been nominated for this category (which I combined from last year's gender specific categories) but Harriet was the worst. Just the worst. The actual worst. Ever. Urgh. 


Conall - Sofia Khan is Not Obliged
Don Tillman - The Rosie Project
Nicholas Brisbane - Silent in the Grave

Rhysand - A Court of Mist and Fury 


Ooh yes, Rhysand. Tell me, who didn't fall in love with Rhysand when they were reading this book? 


Charley Shallow - Scrivener's Moon
The Darkling - Shadow and Bone
Manfred - The One Hundred Nights of Hero
Tamlin - A Court of Mist and Fury

Macbeth - Macbeth


Macbeth was the first Shakespeare play I ever read, and this year I reread it for the first time in an age - and loved it just as much as I remembered. Me and my sister actually both bought our own copies of this play from the Foyles in London and then sat in Hyde Park and read it out loud to each other. Slightly strange, yes, but also lots of fun. Macbeth remains to be my favourite Shakespeare play.


Cherry - The One Hundred Nights of Hero
Cluny Morvish - Scrivener’s Moon 
Eleanor - The Lake House 
Sissix - The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet
Wavey Godshawk - Scrivener’s Moon

Manon - Queen of Shadows 


I did not like Manon in Heir of Fire, the first book she appeared in, but Queen of Shadows destroyed all of my reservations and made Manon one of my absolute favourite characters in the series. She's so wonderfully creepy and I adore everything she does. (I wrote more about her in my Queen of Shadows review.)


Charley Shallow - Scrivener’s Moon
Dr Crumb - Scrivener’s Moon
Draco Malfoy - Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
Lightsong - Warbreaker
Nathan Coyle - Touch 
Rhy - A Gathering of Shadows
Rhysand - A Court of Mist and Fury

Alucard Emery - A Gathering of Shadows


It's safe to say that VE Schwab knows how to write amazing characters. For every book of hers I read I wonder if it can possibly measure up to the others I've read, and every time I fall in love with the characters, the story, and the fantastical world she's conjured up. Alucard was an absolute standout in A Gathering of Shadows and I'm hoping he plays even more of a role in the trilogy's final book A Conjuring of Light. 


Dr Chef - The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet
Janus - Touch
Kepler - Touch

Galileo - Touch 

I don't know how she does it, but Claire North's villains are some of my favourite of all time. Vincent from The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August was one of the best characters I encountered last year, and the same can be said of Galileo this time round. Also, her book Touch is the whole reason I had to add this new "non-binary" category, which I thought was pretty cool. I can't say too much about Galileo here because spoilers, but what I will say is that I love this book to pieces and I would HIGHLY recommend it.


Albus Potter - Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
August Flynn - This Savage Song 
Don Tillman - The Rosie Project 
Harry Potter - Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
Kell - A Gathering of Shadows
Werner - All the Light We Cannot See 

Scorpius Malfoy - Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Scorpius Malfoy

While the script itself turned out a teensy bit disappointing, Scorpius Malfoy was its shining beacon of light, who I love with all my heart, and he is definitely my favourite male character of 2016. I was lucky enough to see the play itself before the book was even published, and Anthony Boyle was absolutely amazing as Scorpius!


Aelin Galathynius - Queen of Shadows 
Fever Crumb -  Scrivener’s Moon
Maud -  Elizabeth is Missing 
Siri - Warbreaker 
Sofia Khan - Sofia Khan is Not Obliged 

Lila Bard - A Gathering of Shadows


I LOVE Lila Bard. With all my soul and all my heart. She is just incredible, and I want to be more like her when I grow up. Even though she makes some anxiety-inducing decisions in this book (I'm a planner, she most certainly is not) I just loved everything she did, and every time she and Kell so much as looked at each other I loved every second of it. 

What do you think? Which books that you read in 2016 would you award in each category? Leave me a comment! 

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