3 January 2016

Bookish Resolutions for 2016

- Read 20 books each 6 months

Last year my goal was 30 books in 12 months, which I actually managed to achieve way ahead of schedule in August. Altogether I read a total of 46 books, which I would love to beat this year, but to avoid putting too much pressure on myself, I'm setting the goal for 40 instead.

- Post on this blog at least 50 times

I already have a long, long list of post ideas for this blog; monthly wrap ups (I managed to do a total of 4 last year), book tags, recommendations, and ...

- Write book reviews for at least half the books I read

I pretty much always have strong feelings about whatever book I just finished, so this year I would like to actually get these down on paper and then post them on here!


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