1 March 2015

February 2015 Wrap Up

In February 2015 I read five books:

I gave them the following reviews:
Lizzie Siddal -  
Cinder -  
Scarlet -  
The Silkworm -  
Danton's Death -  

Lizzie Siddal was the first book I finished in February, and is all about the life of the "Pre-Raphaelite supermodel". It was quite good, and very well researched, but obviously there are gaps in her life no-one knows about, and although I shouldn't have been disappointed about the lack of dialogue, this did eventually start to grate, and the extracts of poems in their place weren't very interesting, and I did start to feel like their only purpose was to fill up space. 

Cinder was absolutely great! It's a retelling of Cinderella, except set in the future, and she's a cyborg, and there are people living on the moon. I loved the characters, and the setting, and the plot, and swallowed it up really quickly. The ending kind of annoyed me, though I was expecting it, as the author had to set up for the next book. The "big twist" which is revealed quite close to the end I saw coming from the start, but that made it no less enjoyable, and I would definitely recommend this.

Scarlet is the sequel to Cinder and is the second book of the four part series. I guess I liked it over all, but found it kind of disappointing. The new character of Scarlet I did not like as much as Cinder, and although Cinder also continues to feature in this book, Scarlet is mostly the focus, and I found her storyline boring. My favourite parts were those with Cinder, and I definitely felt like not very much happened in this book. But apparently the next book, Cress, is absolutely amazing, and much better than both these books, so I'm looking forward to reading that soon.

I read The Silkworm over a single weekend, which I was very proud of. I remembered the first book I found quite confusing because I kept reading bits and pieces and coming back to it, so I decided to try and read this one in as few sittings as possible, to stop me forgetting any important characters! It was also very confusing, and I got a little annoyed because a lot of the character's names sound very bland and therefore similar, and the other thing that irritated me was that the book was obviously a murder mystery (it says so in the blurb!) but it took over 100 pages to become a murder mystery. The twist at the end is worth waiting for however, and I really liked this novel.

Danton's Death was the English translation of a German play I'm studying at university, and although it's really not that long I put it off for ages and ages because practically everyone else kept telling me is was terrible. I found it ok - not terrible, but also not very good. It's to do with the French Revolution, and there a tonne of characters I kept getting confused with, and there are also tonnes of other French politicians being mentioned all the time, which confused me even more. The title of the play spoils its ending, but I didn't feel very sad about anyone's deaths, except perhaps the wife of a character, who I imaged as being played by Emma Watson.

As of March I am currently reading one book:

The Miniturist
by Jessie Burton

So far I'm not loving it by any means. It got a huge amount of positive reviews, but my sister read it before me and didn't like it at all, so I wasn't sure what to expect. The writing style is nice, but I'm over 150 pages in and literally only one interesting thing has happened yet. The characters I found interesting at the beginning, but will the lack of an actual plot becoming more and more noticeable, they are beginning to grow annoying.  I'll have to see, but unless it seriously picks up its pace soon, I might not be able to forgive it for being a waste of time so far.

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