23 June 2018

My Summer TBR | 2018

We're more than a little ways into the season already, but here's a snippet of my TBR for June, July and August 2018. After four years at uni (I graduate next month!) I've gone from full-time student to part-time employed and full-time worrier, so while I'm hoping that will translate into more time than ever to read, I'm also aware that I need to actually get a job, learn to drive, and start to think about paying off my student loan (fun!).

17 June 2018

My Bullet Journal Set Up

So I've been bullet journalling for over a year now, and I am in love with it now as I was when I set up my first one in February 2017. At the time I was studying abroad in Germany, was very miserable, and wanted some kind of a distraction, so I accidentally became obsessed with bullet journal videos on Youtube. At first I was more than a little intimidated by all the incredibly creative and detailed ways people were setting up and decorating their journals, but eventually I decided to take the plunge and keep things simple in my own journal. Fifteen months later I have just started my third bullet journal, and I thought I'd give a quick tour of my monthly set up for anyone who may be at all interested.

11 June 2018

Books 15 - 20 Wrap Up | 2018

Here's my next wrap up! These are all the books I read in April and May 2018, and despite a few disappointing or frustrating moments (see below!) all of these books got at least three stars from me, so that's not too shabby! As of writing this I'm officially done with university, so I'm hoping that over these next few months I can get even more reading done.

30 May 2018

Three Bookish Things Tag

I saw @biblionatic do this tag over her bookstagram, and seeing how much I love making lists and ticking things off, I thought this would be pretty easy for me! But I definitely spoke too soon - I had a lot of trouble trying to narrow down my answers to three, so I hope you enjoy what I've come up with:

25 May 2018

Bookshelf Tour #2

This is my attempt at a bookshelf tour for 2018! I did my first one of these waaaay back in 2016 (you can check it out here and see how my shelves have changed since then!). The picture above is just an overview of my main bookshelves (I have another bookcase for non-fiction, language books, and my mythology and folklore shelf). It's actually really hard to take a photo of my entire shelves straight-on because of how my bedroom is laid out, but this was the best I could do.

18 May 2018

Best Book Covers | Part IV

Let's be honest, who doesn't love beautiful books? We all know we're not supposed to judge a book by its cover blah blah blah, but this is another post that does just that. This is not the first time I've talked about this either - you can also check out Part I, Part II and Part III of this series if you like - but it's been a while, and I have so many gorgeous books to celebrate!

11 May 2018

My Life in Books Tag

This month I've already had my dissertation deadline (plus another shorter essay) and I have five German exams coming up - so I'm going to be trying to do pretty short and easy posts instead of anything too impressive. So to start of May here's a fun little tag I saw someone do over on my bookstagram!

27 April 2018

The Goodreads Tag

I wasn't tagged by anyone over on my bookstagram to do this, but the questions looked really fun so I've decided to do it anyway! As the title would suggest, all of the questions are centred on Goodreads - a website I discovered about three years ago and have been obsessively using ever since! So read on to find out my answers to the tag, and if you want to you can also check out my Goodreads profile here.

19 April 2018

Spring Cleaning Unhaul

These are all nineteen of the books I'm getting rid of from my shelves! This was a very spontaneous book unhaul, it started as me talking my sister through my bookshelf organisation, and then I started pulling out books that I'd never reread, and soon my pile of books grew until it couldn't be ignored, and I'd fully committed to getting rid of them. So here is a quick list of all of those books, and a little explanation for why I'm giving them away:

15 April 2018

Books 9 -14 Wrap Up | 2018

I think I am officially out of my (year long) reading slump! I'm really pleased with myself that I've made it to April and I've already read three times as many books as I had this time last year. Like I said in my last wrap up, I've been trying to chill out when it comes to deciding what to read next, and to try and not feel any kind of pressure that could put me off reading entirely - and so far it's working. This wrap up is a bit of a mixed bag, with some books I really like and some (ahem) I did not ...

8 April 2018

Emoji Book Tag

This book tag was pretty popular a few years ago on Booktube just as I was starting to get into it, so even though this is a bit ancient, I'm doing it anyway! I'm not sure exactly who created this (if anyone in particular did) but it's pretty simple; you just look at your five most used emojis on your phone, and match each one to a book!

31 March 2018

Spring Reads | 2018 Recommendations

This set of seasonal recommendations is a little later and shorter than I would've liked (sorry!), but I'm actually typing this from the Isle of Wight in the holiday house my family are staying in for the week, so it's lucky I have enough wifi to post this! As per the usual drill, here are a few books I'm recommending you read this Spring. They don't have to take place then, or have anything "Springy" about them to make it onto this list, but I think they'll all make great Spring reads anyway!

27 March 2018

Bare Your Bookshelf Tag

This is the kind of fun and easy tag I love doing! I can't remember who I first saw doing it over on my bookstagram, but I'm eternally grateful that they did! If you're interested in my bookshelves, I'm hoping to have a bookshelf tour up here pretty soon, but you can check out my original post from almost two years ago here, or have a quick look at my Goodreads shelf.

22 March 2018

My Spring TBR | 2018

Even though I don't really keep to them, I really enjoy doing seasonal TBRs, so here's mine for the months of March, April & May. I've got eight books listed here, and I'm well aware that I won't actually end up reading them all, but it's nice to have something to aim for, right? I've got my Easter holidays in April, which would mean I'd have more time for reading, but I also have my dissertation due that month, which will mean the opposite! So here is my overly ambitious Spring TBR for 2018:

16 March 2018

Love It or Hate It Book Tag

As usual with these cooler tags, I wasn't actually tagged by anyone to do it, but am anyway! Over on my bookstagram I've seen a few of my favourite bookstagrammers doing it, including @properthieves (whose bookstagram is wonderful and you should check out at once!).