10 February 2019

A Half-Arsed Wrap Up of My Final 2018 Reads

Writing wrap ups honestly causes me a lot of stress, because they're the only blog posts that make me think "Well I have to do this" about,and then my instinct to procrastinate kicks in, and I wind up in the middle of February still having not written wrap ups for books I read as far back as August. To get this final (very late) 2018 wrap up out of the way I've given myself permission to make it as half-arsed and slapdash as I want, hence the title. Luckily for me I only read four things between August and December last year, so this wrap up will be pretty short. 

27 January 2019

My 2018 Highlights

2018 was a year of a lot of change and upheaval for me; I graduated from university, moved back home to London, got a new job, saw three live music events and went on four different holidays! So here is just a quick look back on some of my favourite highlights of last year: 

24 December 2018

Tis the Season Book Tag

Christmas is only one day away, and to celebrate I wanted to do at least one Christmassy book tag, so here goes! This one was created by Richard Denney on his booktube channel, and you can go watch his original video here. I've seen several other of my Youtube subscriptions also do this tag, in particular chelseadolling reads, who is one of my favourite booktubers, and who always does such great videos leading up to Christmas.

6 December 2018

My Favourite Bookstagram Accounts | Part II

While my own bookstagram account has been pretty dead these past few months (RIP), I am still loving looking at other people's photos, and so I've decided to put together another list of my favourite bookstagram accounts so try and spread the love! I did my first set of bookstagram recommendations last year, so you can read that post here if you like. Now on with this second batch ...

27 November 2018

My Complete TBR Shelf

I currently have around 45 books in my possession that I have not read, and - despite some lacklustre attempts since January - I have not done an amazing job at bringing this total down. I know there are many other readers and book bloggers who own many more unread books than me (and sometimes these numbers can reach several hundred!) but for me personally, even having 45 books I haven't read yet has been causing me a bit of anxiety and stress for quite a while. This of course creates the vicious cycle of owning too many unread books > too stressed to read > owning too many unread books, so I'm writing this blog post as catharsis for myself, and I'm going to try and group all my unread books into different categories, so I get a better idea of what I'm dealing with (and hopefully it might be a little interesting for you too?).

24 November 2018

Seven Deadly Sins Tag

This tag was created by BookishlyMalyza over on Booktube (though the original video no longer exists so I'm unable to link it here). It's seven sets of questions, each based on a different deadly sin from the bible, and it's been floating around Booktube for years (since the dark ages of the community) so I'm really pleased to finally be doing it today!

31 October 2018

Creatures of the Night Tag

This is a bit of an old tag, but one I've been looking forward to ever since I started this blog - plus it's perfect for Halloween! It was created by Katytastic over on her Youtube channel, and whose original video you can watch here. Basically there are ten different monsters / creatures / paranormal beings, and you have to recommend a book for each one! I don't tend to read that many supernatural or paranormal books, so I've had to be a bit creative in my recommendations, but I hope you'll like this anyway!

29 October 2018

10 Rainy Day Reads | Recommendations

Now the clocks have gone back an hour it's getting dark miserably early in the afternoons, meaning that I'm prone to spending more time moping around because of the weather, instead of actually making the most of it and doing some reading. So in the hopes of inspiring myself to pick up my next book, I'm making this little list of books I'd recommend reading while it's cold and rainy outside. I've chosen my top ten, since October is the tenth month, so I hope at least a few of these sound intriguing enough to pick up!

20 October 2018

Fall Time Cosy Time Book Tag

CRUNCHING LEAVES: the world is full of colour - choose a book that has reds / oranges / yellows on the cover

There are some seriously gorgeous books on my shelves (you can find out about my favourite book covers here) but I want to point out again how beautiful Madeline Miller's book Circe is. It's so incredibly beautiful (even underneath the dust jacket it's all embossed in gold!) and it's definitely one of the prettiest books on my shelf!

30 September 2018

My Graphic Novel Collection

In the past few years I've been reading many more graphic novels than ever before, and so today's post is just a quick wrap up of all of the ones on my shelves. I don't have a massive amount at the moment, but I anticipate my collection growing a lot in the future. The ones I do own are a mixture of science fiction, fantasy, contemporary, horror and memoir, and this format is now one of my absolute favourite ways to consume stories!

18 September 2018

Autumn Update & Upcoming | 2018

This is the first in a new series of blog posts I'm going to start doing.  Near the start of each new season, this will be a little round up of all the things soon being released that I'm particularly excited for (books, films, music, etc) as well as some of my reading plans, and a life update or two! These will replace my seasonal TBR posts (which, let's be honest, were completely redundant because I never ever stuck to them) and I hope this will give you a little more insight into my plans, as well as get you excited for all the new releases coming up!

6 September 2018

My Bookish Superlatives

I absolutely love working out statistics and analytics for my bookshelves (in fact, I am kind of obsessed) so I've had this idea to do a blog post all about my bookish superlatives for a long time. Some of these superlatives are entirely objective and taken straight from my Goodreads, and some of them less so, but I hope either way you'll enjoy this little sneak peak into my shelves. 

31 August 2018

Books 21 - 25 Wrap Up | 2018

Today's post is my fourth wrap up of the year! It seems my reading has picked up a little lately, which I'm really pleased about (and hopefully I haven't jinxed it by saying that). These books were all read over the summer, so if you want to look back at my 2018 summer TBR and laugh at how bad I am at keeping to any TBR I make, you can find that here. All of the following books I really enjoyed reading, and three of the five are in fact rereads of old favourites, so read on for my mini-review for each one:

26 August 2018

Seven Books One Bag Tag

I first saw @biblio.curator over on bookstagram do this tag (go check out her account! Her photos are wonderful!) and wanted to try it out myself. So without further ado, I'll get started!

17 August 2018

15 Ways to Fill Your Notebooks

I absolutely love buying and using beautiful notebooks, but for a long while I had very little self control when it came to buying them, and very little motivation to then fill them up. Like lots of people, I was intimidated by the idea of writing a whole notebook, because I was worried it wouldn't be as good or neat or beautiful as I wanted. My shelves were full of empty ones I was too scared to use, but over time I've become much better at getting over this fear. I've realised that the trick is just to start writing. It doesn't matter if your notebook has a singular, carefully designated purpose, or if it's full of messy unconnected scribbles that won't make much sense to anyone else. Either of those is absolutely fine! And in fact, the messier and more relaxed you are, the less pressure you feel, and over time you learn that there's nothing to be afraid of after all. Today I'm sharing fifteen different ways you can fill up your empty notebooks, some of which I personally use, and some I don't, but either way I hope you find this list useful!